William Mark 
If your child went missing, would you ever stop looking?  For Detective Curtis Walker, he has left everything behind to continue the search for his only son, Josh.  During his quest, he was recruited to join a secret team that seeks out missing children throughout the country.  Using unofficial methods, the team operates behind a veil of anonymity and tightropes the lines of the legal system to bring back the lost.  

Hoping to one day find his son, he faces a darkness like no other that has enveloped him and sent him into a downward spiral of self-destruction.  In their search for the missing, the team crosses paths with dangerous human traffickers and the encounter turns deadly, potentially leaving the team exposed, and attracts the attention of the police and an investigative journalist with a vendetta. With chaos ensuing, a lead comes in on his son’s disappearance and Curtis drops everything to pick up the trail on who kidnapped his son.  Curtis will stop at nothing to find him and the reasoning behind his son’s disappearance. Completely lost in the darkness, he must unravel a conspiracy that runs deep and hits too close to home.

Lost in the Darkness