Author William Mark’s “From Behind The Blue Line” sadly but clearly paints the battle between ideals versus compromise that police officers must go through every crime-fighting day of their lives


Two Cops Step Over the Line in Gripping Novel of Law & Order


William Mark 

“Every so often, you have to step from behind the blue line.”  So says Lt. Dylan Akers, an outstanding police officer with a spotless record.  The best of friends and the best of police officers, Dylan Akers and Patrolman Beau Rivers graduated from the same class at the police academy.  In William Mark’s intriguing and realistic story of law enforcement From Behind The Blue Line, the line is slowly and surely blurred as his two protagonists get caught in the vise of ideal versus compromise, of skirting the edges of the law and true justice. 

True evil and human tragedy have become the defining themes in both the policemen’s lives.  Dylan Akers’ world was torn apart after his twelve-year old daughter Caitlin was brutally raped and murdered.  For ten years before, Akers and Rivers have put distance between themselves after Beau blamed Dylan for ratting him out after making a terrible mistake in judgment surrounding a monumental drug bust.  Now, after Caitlin’s death reunites the estranged friends and mends a once-strong friendship.  Akers then calls on his longtime friend to fulfill a promise once made in the aftermath of evil, to kill his daughter’s murderer/s.   For Akers, as a father and a police officer, it was the only way he knew how to get the right justice for his innocent child.  In America’s rarefied precincts of criminal litigation and flawed criminal justice system, Lt. Akers could not bear to trust the system he worked within for so long to find the necessary justice for the heinous crime against his daughter.

Beau Rivers has to turn down his friend in his most desperate of times, but will a mysterious revelation change his mind?  His and Akers’ morals, though, remain hard against crime and criminals.  Would he do what his friend has asked?  To avenge Caitlin, whom he loved like his own child?  Is it true justice that he would be meting out on her murderer/s? The blue line lies far back on the dark path both friends have chosen as Rivers tries to decide:

“He stared at a picture of two headstrong and idealistic rookie police officers looking sharp with their brass gleaming like polished chrome on a classic car.  He thought back on what he knew about justice then and felt almost foolish about the harsh truth of the system that has perverted that once-idealistic person he was.”