William Mark 

Author Biography

William Mark grew up and still lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his family.  He attended the Tallahassee Community College where he graduated with an AA degree and then on to the Florida State University where he graduated with a BS degree in Criminology and a minor in Psychology. 
After college he attended the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Midway, Florida.  William has over thirteen years of police experience that includes assignments in Homicide and was a member of the departments Tactical Apprehension and Control (TAC) team.

William and his family, a wife and three beautiful children, are active members in their church, avid Florida State Seminole fans and enjoy traveling.  This book is Williams first to be published.

Behind the Pen Name

My grandfather was a great inspiration in my life and my drive to write.  I write under a pen name that is a tribute to him as the name is a variation of his.  He was a college professor for many years and opened up a book store upon his retirement. It was from his love for books. As a kid, my brother and cousins used to hang out and run around the bookstore before realizing the value held on the shelves up and down the aisles.  To this day I love bookstores.  The smell brings me back to the days I sat and worked the bookstore while my grandfather was out for the day.  As I moved through college I was struck by a good idea for a story.  I enjoyed writing whenever it wasn’t for a grade, so I pitched my idea.  He liked it, but added I needed a love interest.  Initially I disagreed, but after a moment of thought and a quick review of the story, I realized he was actually right.  At that point I knew he was perfect to help me create a great story and I was eager to get started.  However, he died shortly thereafter from complications following a necessary surgery.  I continued writing with his spirit guiding me along the way and I try to make him proud.