Project #2, A Chance Parker Novel

Ten years before, the police department lost one of their own tragically in the line of duty.  Chance Parker was a young officer, but remembers the case well.  The suspect in the case is coming up for parole and a crime analyst comes to Parker for help preparing against his release.  However, as she dives into the case she discovers some discrepancies.  Those discrepancies prove to be deadly as a conspiracy surrounding the case appears.  With nowhere else to go, the analyst turns to Parker for help.  Together they become a target for those hiding in the shadows, willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure the conspiracy holds.  Diving back into the ten-year-old cop murder, the two have to unwind the case, and as the conspiracy unfolds the pair aren’t prepared for how high it goes.

Project #4

A young ambitious businesswoman, fresh off a new promotion, takes lead on a company retreat in Destin, Florida.  Her new position came about after her predecessor’s untimely death.  Unbeknownst to her, she stumbled upon a company secret that is worth killing over.  Barely escaping an attempt on her life, and unaware of why, she seeks refuge with a mysterious and handsome stranger willing to help.  Unsure of his background or abilities, he manages to keep her safe for the time being.  But this invisible enemy proves dangerous with a far reach and deep pockets.  With the stranger’s help, they dive deep into the conspiracy, but ultimately it will cost one of them, their lives.

William Mark 

Project #3, A Chance Parker Novel

There’s been another police shooting.  A white officer killing a black man.  Caught on tape, the evidence doesn’t support the officer and race relations in the community begin to intensify.  But the perception doesn’t match the reality.  Due up for the next homicide, Chance Parker is called out for a senseless murder of a young man in the same housing projects as the officer shooting.  The witnesses are scarce and the untrusting people of the neighborhood keep silent.  Parker’s tenacity creates a break in the case and won’t stop until the young man’s family has justice.  But, he must hurry to find the truth as the city becomes on edge with protests and violence ready to spark.  To prove justice is color blind and to keep the city from igniting into flames, Chance risks his own life for the truth.

Project #1

A former homicide detective who left the job to care for his cancer stricken wife has to find direction after she passes away.  Unsure how to handle being alone, he often thinks about the job but is too old to start over.  In a chance encounter, he stumbles across a small-town deputy in need of personal closure from a twenty-five-year-old cold case.  She convinces him to look into the case which takes him deep into a mystery wrought with small town secrets, lies and betrayal.  As he unravels the case, he learns just how deadly the small-town secrets can be.Type your paragraph here.

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Project #5, Crusaders of the Lost, III

The Crusaders are tasked with facing a new and dangerous enemy, but its foundation was shaken beyond belief.  They need each other and together a refocused purpose is possible.  A teenager is found in Oklahoma City with a strange metal collar around his neck.  When confronted by authorities, the teen tells them it’s a bomb, rigged to explode if he doesn’t follow his master’s rules.  Unable to help the teen, control of the situation is lost and a terrible tragedy occurs.  Several months later, another teen is found with a similar metal collar in Atlanta, Ga.  The Crusaders intervene, but they aren’t the only ones.  Trying to protect the enslaved teens and their own anonymity, the team has to operate under the noses of the FBI to bring down a ruthless network of kidnappers willing to kill for their beliefs.

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